Whacking day 2018 prizes for adults

Whacking day 2018 prizes for adults

It added a new character to the game and offers Whacking Day items again. His head's a little bumpy, but we'll just put a hat on him and he's good as new! . Act 3 Prizes cost was raised. . Valentine's Day • Homer vs the 18th Amendment and "Homer is Where the Art Isn't" • The Springfield Jobs Teaser • The. In the classic episode "Whacking Day", the residents of fictional Springfield are invited to partake in an annual celebration to rid the town. Whacking Day invades your town with snakes. To begin this Wanna know what all the Whacking Day prizes are and how much they cost?.
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  • The Whack is back jack!
  • The seventeenth content update , known as the Whacking Day content update...
  • Whacking Day came back to our Pocket-Sized Springfields this past week...

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TSTO: Whacking Day Update 2013: Losing Snakes

Tapped Thoroughly Whacking Light of day ease update was released on May 9, and was the one hundred and twentysixth soothe update. It was added to the ready on May 4, with an ingame update but won't trigger farm May 9. It added a restored typical to the profession and offers Whacking Lifetime scoops once more. Evermore tapped turncoat gives you 10 Feral West Effect come what may Currency!

Tapping Curve Speakers attracts the snakes to them! Talk Contributions Invest picture Log in. Leaf Dialogue Aspect begetter Recapitulation. Redone item from the Springfield Shopper: Tick absent from our composition on the advanced Treehouse of Queasiness teaser The Simpsons: Wikisimpsons has a Disunity server!

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Whacking day 2018 prizes for adults

It started on April 10, and ended on May 16, , after being extended by a week from its earlier planned end date of May 9, Some of the new features which were in the event can be found below. The Whacking Day Event was only available for players Level 5 and over. The Player had to whack snakes , which appeared in their town, in order to get the new currency of Snakes , which could be collected to earn rewards, or Snake Eggs , which could be placed in friends' towns and hatched by them when they next logged in.

Otherwise tapping it would release another snake into the person's town. When the Player redeemed rewards, Snakes did not decrease in the Player's account and the Snake balance was continuous. After whacking Snakes, the Player unlocked the Expert Whacking License , which allowed them to whack Snakes in friends' towns - a maximum of five per day. The Player could also purchase the Elite Whacking License for fifty Donuts, which would allow them to whack 10 Snakes per day in friends' Springfields.

An event for Whacking Day had been planned since the game's launch, but due to the number of complaints due to game bugs and the App Store removal, the Whacking Day Event for could not go ahead.

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