So phresh cat litter

So phresh cat litter

All of the So Phresh cat litters that we have reviewed. In these So Phresh cat litter reviews, we go over specs, pros, and cons of each product. We've found the Fall sales for you. Find the best prices on So Phresh cat litter at Shop Better Homes & Gardens. Most So Phresh cat litter has the word “odor” in its name, and the brand tends to make use of baking soda and other additives to control and cover odors.

So phresh cat litter -

They have your standard clay clumping litters that most people are used to using but then also venture out into more unique products as well. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. That being said, it is a bit expensive.

Some companies will advertise their great clumping while others will advertise their low tracking. Clumps are serviceable in short-term, good at moisture absorption Cons: For instance, they have their own version of a crystal-based cat litter that has become popular recently through their usage of silica gel beads. For So Phresh, it is all about locking in cat feces and urine smells quickly and for a long period of time.

So phresh cat litter -

Its fragrance free formula is perfect for felines with sensitive noses. Clumps could be a bit better, tracks easily, can struggle with combating feces odors. Can easily be overwhelmed if litter box is used too much, pretty expensive. It is available in pound bags and 16 and pound tubs, is comprised of clay, and is available in the mid-price range. Also, they delve into a more eco-friendly approach with a litter that is comprised of recycled paper pellets.

While this is sort of a no-brainer for most people, it is apparent that So Phresh puts this as a top priority over the other typical cat litter metrics people look for. That being said, it is a bit expensive.

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SoPhresh Sifting Cat Pan Review So phresh cat litter

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: So phresh cat litter


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An included rubber band fastens this liner for a secure fit. Paper pellets, clay, silica gel, mineral crystal, Price Range: Can So phresh cat litter with locking in odor long-term, on the dustier side, clumps can fall apart and become a gooey mess. That being said, it is a bit expensive. Boarding your dog or cat while you are away from home is less So phresh cat litter for you and your pet when you prepare in advance.

Handles feces and urine odors for several days, crystals absorb most of the moisture. This lightly scented litter is a strong performer that's soft on paws, and is suitable for single- and multi-cat families.

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  1. So Phresh is a smaller cat litter brand that is primarily sold through Petco and its affiliates.

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