Smite tournament prizes for mega

Smite tournament prizes for mega

SMITE Betting events include the official SPL tournaments and sponsored tournaments, Accumulating points rewards a player with unique ingame content. . creep waves into more powerful fire creeps (similar to mega creeps from Dota). SMITE Pro League/Season 3/Brazil/Regional Championship . Prize pool: R$ 45, Format; Prize Pool Mega Arena Photo by Gamepedia's SMITE Esports wiki covers tournaments, teams, players, and. Held last year, this mega event was hosted in 4 different cities, each city for a This tournament was the first World Championship for Smite.

Smite tournament prizes for mega -

If everyone made decent wages in prize earnings, supplemented by sponsors or teams, then you would have a much more stable system and players would fight that much harder to get and stay there.

Please enable Javascript to view comments. It seems unlikely Smite could challenge League of Legends or Dota 2 , but if their growth continues, who knows? Worldkings Here is a top ten list of the video game tournaments with the highest prize pools till date.

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Smite Year 1 Mega Montage Smite tournament prizes for mega

SMITE World Championship

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In Smite , players assume the role of gods from various mythologies and religions, such as the Egyptian god Isis, Norse god Thor, and Hindi deity Kali, and battle against each other in two teams of five. It plays like a combination of a first person shooter and a traditional multiplayer online battle arena, merging the twitch gameplay of the first genre and the strategic depth of the second.

The top four teams in America and top four teams in Europe clashed to determine the best Smite team in the world. The Danish squad TSM dominated the European portion of the qualification process, winning seven of 10 weekly qualifying tournaments.

But their counterpart in America, COGnitive Gaming, had an even better record, winning 90 percent of their matches. The Europeans, however, were dominant. But its been enough to drive a thriving esports scene.

The free-to-play game hit , users during its one-year long closed beta period and has grown exponentially since moving to the open phase one year ago. In terms of production values, Hi-Rez certainly put on an admirable show, though it fell short of the high standards set by bigger tournaments such as Dreamhack or the International.

The announcers were knowledgeable and professional. But in some ways that quirkiness seems like part of the Hi-Rez package. The company has taken a lot of criticism for the way it abandoned their first two titles, Global Agenda and Tribes:

: Smite tournament prizes for mega

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Smite tournament prizes for mega -

Tencent owns Riot Games and publishes a huge portfolio of games in Asia, and the partnership could open a potentially huge market for Smite. Specifically, I want to know how much responsibility Hi-Rez can take for whether Smite survives or, indeed, thrives as an eSport. Sign up to the Red Bull eSports newsletter right here: Do you bury your money nuts in preparation for the pre-gaming winter or do you spend them all on an acorn-shaped racecar and a house made from gold?

Profits from the crowdfunding elements are also part of why Hi-Rez has millions to invest in prizing this season. Warframe players speak out against crunch.

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  1. Smite [ official site ] is an over-the shoulder MOBA whose character roster is populated by the gods of various religions.

  2. Battleriff is a virtual esports arena where you can develop your skill and compete for prizes in your favourite esports game.

  3. Worldkings Here is a top ten list of the video game tournaments with the highest prize pools till date.

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