All japan kendo tournament prizes

All japan kendo tournament prizes

INTERNATIONAL KENDO FEDERATION TOURNAMENT ALL JAPAN KENDO CAMP FOR FOREIGNERS. .. This seed money shall be returned after completion of the tournament to the federation. October, All Japan Kendo Championships, 3rd place. The 65th All Japan Championship Nishimura Hidehisa, the trajectory of all six games Also, it was my greatest honor that I got the Fighting spirit prize. I am so .

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66th All Japan Kendo Championship - FINAL — Kendo World

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64th All Japan Kendo Championships — Final

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  • The World Kendo Championship are an international kendo competition contested by...
  • 65th All Japan Kendo Championship was held on 3rd November...
  • Kendo Jidai International - Part 2
  • ...


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  1. The relation between Nakakura sensei and the Belgian Kendo Federation BKR has a long history…This famous teacher was one of the members of a group of Japanese high level Kendo teachers whom visited Europe, especially for Kendo, for the first time in September

  2. FIK is the international federation of national and regional kendo associations and the world governing body for members of FIK.

  3. FIK is the international federation of national and regional kendo associations and the world governing body for members of FIK.

  4. Besides training as hard as you can, the best way to improve techniques in Kendo is to watch tournaments where top kendoka spar with each other.

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