Dog ate used tampon

Dog ate used tampon

I was like:wtf: And after reading Dr Google and some scary stories it was a panic phone call to the vet, but he said to chillax, the stomach acids. My friend's dog ate a whole wastebasket full of tampons on New Years Eve. On New Years day, she puked up six of them, and then passed two. Hello. Yesterday my small 14 lb dog ate a tampon from the trash. I took him to the vet about 4/5 hours later. I actually wasn't sure he ate it.

If you menstruate or linger with someone who does, you recognize this horrifying fact of life: Dogs are haggard to reach-me-down tampons and menstrual pads. Specifically, their mouths are drawn to them. You probably already know that dogs are big on sniffing crotches. They do this considering they're fishinging expedition for learning — the same they feeling other dogs' butts.

Our genital and anal areas contain upraised concentrations of pheromones Ban, which is what dogs are frustrating to odour out. These pheromones influence smell differently to dogs when humans are menstruating , which is why your dog might look as if especially glued to your crotch when that metre of the month.

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop? There's a related mind your dog may chomp down on your tampons.

Dog ate used tampon -

And after reading Dr Google and some scary stories it was a panic phone call to the vet, but he said to chillax, the stomach acids will dissolve it, just to watch for the string on the way out, as it might need some pulling.

Joined Jun 14, Messages 78, My dog ate a used tampon out of the garbage. Sam rehabilitated troller Oct 18, Related questions My Boxer ate a tampon out of the garbage, what should I do?

Small animal veterinarian with special interest in exotic pets.

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How to Find an Obstruction in a Dog's Intestine

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Removing 3 tampons from dog's stomach

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However I have seen no tampon come out. My boss said his dog always exhibited symptoms like puking for no reason when he'd become "clogged. Small animal veterinarian with special interest in exotic pets. Intestinal blockage is no joke! Why the fukk is a used tampon lying around???? Dogs have also been known to get into dirty diapers, Dog ate used tampon condoms, and Dog ate used tampon other gross biowaste product that can be put in a trash can.

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