Instagram contest prizes

Instagram contest prizes

Adding Instagram contests to your social media mix can quickly A successful email-gated contest usually needs an enticing prize (such as an. Instagram contests are a surefire way to increase followers and sales. The contest was run again in with a smaller prize value, but By the end, you'll know how to run a successful Instagram contest that will bring . By picking the right prizes, you can reliably attract the right kinds of followers.

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Instagram contest prizes -

They boost engagement, allow you to split prize costs, and, if run correctly, can result in massive returns for both of your brands. It also primes people to purchase the product in the rather probable case that they don't win. Like Oris did with their video, your business can use alternate forms of media to engage page visitors.

As great as Instagram is, trying to convert your follower list into email subscribers increases the chance that they'll be sales in the future - it's way easier to sell products through email marketing than on social.

Start building your Instagram contest now. Getting people to submit pictures of recipes incorporating avocados is a great way to build their library of user-generated content.

Instagram contest prizes -

This spreads the word about it to people who would most likely be interested in it as well, meaning you'll get more entrants and more followers - and that's more potential sales. Like the previous contest, Oris has built their Instagram hashtag contest using a contest app - this saves them tons of time and allows them to pull all of their entrants' photos into a single gallery. This is a smart strategy for boosting follower numbers and brand awareness for related brand identities.

Wishpond's Instagram contest app makes it simple to create contests and giveaways for your Instagram account. Feel free to run smaller giveaways on a more frequent basis, especially if huge giveaways aren't the best fit for your product. Get Started Not today.

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Adding bonus actions to your contest in exchange for additional entries is an awesome way to meet your other goals, whether they're to increase social media engagement, grow your following, or get more subscribers for your email list.

Get started with Instagram marketing Wishpond makes it easy to Instagram contest prizes the most out of your Instagram marketing. Finally, they've done an amazing job with Instagram contest prizes premise of their contest.

If you're not sure where to get started, why not try building a contest with Wishpond? Let's get into it!

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Instagram contest prizes



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