Tlc who do think you are

Tlc who do think you are

Who Do You Think You Are? K likes. Welcome to the Official Facebook page for TLC's Say 'Who Do You Think You Are?'. [Editor's Note: We just received this press release from our friends at TLC CA) – TLC's Emmy Award-winning series, WHO DO YOU THINK. Take a trip with top celebrities as they navigate through incredibly personal journeys to unlock the mysteries of their ancestors. Whether inspiring, courageous, or.

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Tlc who do think you are -

The series has been renewed for an eleventh season that is set to premiere on December 3, and feature Mandy Moore , Regina King , Josh Duhamel , and Matthew Morrison. Season 8 premiered on April 3, Some of the biggest emotional and shocking highlights from past seasons.

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TLC is a global brand available in more than 88 million homes in the US and million households around the world. As part of the show sponsorship, Ancestry provides exhaustive family history research on each of the featured celebrities to help make discoveries possible and build out the story of each episode.

Archived from the original on March 4, Tlc who do think you are In each episode, a different celebrity goes on a journey to trace parts of his or her family tree. Retrieved March 7, Retrieved April 2,

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Tlc who do think you are

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  1. In each episode, a different celebrity goes on a journey to trace parts of his or her family tree.

  2. Watch as celebrities discover unknown details about themselves and their families while researching their ancestry with the help of historians and genealogical experts.

  3. It is designed to diminish awareness and compliance to driving safely and defensively within the limits of the law.

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