Free classroom kits

Free classroom kits

Help rid the classroom of germs that may cause illness with a Free Clorox® Clean Up the Classroom! kit. Kits can only be sent to schools. [US]. Our primary school kit for kindergarten through sixth-grade educators includes A Cow's Life, A Chicken's Life, A Dog's Order free materials for your classroom!. Our free Classroom Kits come in sets of They include 50 copies of each iconic book, along with digital lesson plans and study guides for each book (sent via.
  • Our free Classroom Kits come in sets of They include 50 copies of...
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  • More than schools use Osmo to change the way kids collaborate, create, think critically, and communicate.
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  • Help rid the classroom of germs that may cause illness with a Free...

For grades K-6

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Free classroom kits Free classroom kits

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Free classroom kits

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